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Avology Lumen

Avology Lumen

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AED51,000.00سعر البيع
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What is it?
The world’s first FDA certified bio-stimulator laser for home use to treat sagging, volume loss, plumpness and more.​


As we age, our facial volume diminishes due to collagen loss and changes in facial fat distribution, leading to sagging, dullness, and wrinkles.
Wondering how to naturally enhance facial plumpness and contour without relying on facial injections or frequent clinic visits? Biostimulation is your solution. Unlike invasive facial injections that simply restore lost volume with hyaluronic acid, biostimulators work at the deep layer of your skin to stimulate new tissue growth, helping the skin to naturally produce its own collagen, hyaluronic acid, and plumpness.
Introducing Lumnen, the world’s first bio-stimulator laser for home use, developed by Nobel Prize winner Professor Barry Barish, a world authority on lasers and the brilliant mind who validated Einstein’s gravitational waves theory. LED light therapy targets the upper layers of the skin, while non-invasive laser technology operates through bio-stimulation, reaching not only the deepest layers of the skin but also the underlying fat and muscle tissue. This triggers a series of natural events at the base layer of the dermis, resulting in increased facial volume, hyaluronic acid synthase, and stimulation of tissue growth. This groundbreaking technology has captivated industry leaders and garnered praise from satisfied consumers. It offers a painless, easy-to-use, portable solution suitable for all skin types.

  • Video

  • Before You Start

    Cleanse the skin, making sure to remove any makeup, oils, or other impurities. Once done- dry your skin. After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream to the treated skin areas.

  • Applications

    Apply the TOTALÉ on your skin while applying mild pressure, glide the TOTALÉ in small V-shaped motions from bottom to top, and treat each area for 4 minutes. Finish your treatment by applying moisturizing cream to the treated areas after each session.

  • Treatment Regimen

    To get the most out of your TOTALÉ it is recommended to use it three times a week for the first month, and after the first month to maintain results- use it once a week.

  • Warranty

    Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. TOTALÉ includes a lifetime limited warranty.

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