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A innovative, professional,  light therapy treatment device that provides improvements with long-lasting results. This non-invasive, tested, dermatologist-recommended device, changes the way anti-aging treatments have been performed for the past 15 years.

This unique technology gives you  long-lasting results helping to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Before You Start

    Clean the skin around the eyes with plain water or in case you wear make-up, use a delicate make up remover that is designated to the skin around the eyes, once done- dry your skin.

  • Applications

    Apply the Eneo eye concentrator on dry skin while applying mild pressure, glide the Eneo eye concentrator in small circular motions from bottom to top, treat the area for 4 minutes. You may apply an approved for use eye serum prior to the treatment.
    Finish your treatment with applying an eye cream on the treated areas after each session.

  • Warranty

    Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Eneo Eye Concentrator includes a lifetime limited warranty.

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