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منظف كريمي رغوي غني

منظف كريمي رغوي غني

مستثناة ضريبة |

TR24 / 60 مل / 2.4 أونصة سائلة

منظف كريمي مقشر خفيف مع مسحوق الماس و  معادن متخمرة للقضاء على احتقان المسام والأوساخ والبشرة الباهتة  تساعد الخلايا على تعزيز مظهر البشرة النضرة والشبابية.

  • Benefits

    SKIN BALANCING FACE WASH - Helps to re-balance the skin, removes impurities, dirt, grime, oil, pollutants, and makeup without disrupting the skin's barrier.


    HYDRATES - Hydrates skin while cleansing, does not dry out the skin. This exfoliating cleanser is a gentle skin loving skin care, soap less, pH5.5 formulated face scrub facial cleanser gel with antioxidants, witch hazel, nourishing jojoba oil and exfoliating organic apricot kernel powder.

  • Application

    (Use this cleanser twice daily and especially before the BX facial treatment.) Avoid the eye area. Take an adequate amount of the cream cleanser in the palm of your hands.  Softly apply over damp skin using circular movements. Rinse off carefully using lukewarm water. Pat face dry.

  • Use With

    Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Cream : A gorgeous, silky work of art featuring an exclusive, unique combination of comfortable actives sourced from across the world to form an excellent skin mixture which helps in reinstating the skin to its most striking look. The unique combination skin mixture is made of the refining efficiency of diamond dust, gem stones and the softening characteristics of deep water pearls all carefully combined with plant stem cells, Minerals, phospholipids and liposome to form one of the most unique skin-care in the world. The gemstones assist to spread light, for a glowing finish with no noticeable limitations.


    Tourmaline BX Skin Relaxor Essence : This pioneering essence is a highly concentrated combination of Trésor Rare's smoothing Tourmaline BX, plant stem cells, phospholipids and liposomes that works on fine lines and wrinkles. Works best when applied before the BX-Skin Relaxor Cream.

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