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مزيل المكياج المهدئ باللؤلؤ

مزيل المكياج المهدئ باللؤلؤ

مستثناة ضريبة |

TR14 / 100 مل / 3.41 فلوريدا أوقية

تخلصي حتى من أصعب المكياج والملوثات التي تحجب البشرة مع هذا المكياج الاستثنائي. المزيل. لطيف وفاخر، يتحول الملمس الحصري من الجل إلى الزيت إلى اللوشن ثم يُشطف. بسهولة مع الماء، مما يجعل البشرة تبدو منتعشة وناعمة ونظيفة.

  • Benefits

    • DAILY USE MAKE UP REMOVER -A gentle formula suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and for the eye area. Designed to re-balance your skin, remove make up, dirt, pore clogging oils and pollutants without drying or disrupting the skin's moisture barrier. It’s a very gentle and mild skin loving formula, created with Dandelion flowers and witch hazel to remove make up and hydrate skin.
    • TESTED: non-drying, non-irritating, de-polluting and with a refreshing fragrance for a smoother complexion. Suitable for all skin types.
    • ADVANCED POWERFUL INGREDIENTS:  this make up remover contains original anti-aging ingredients and plant extracts of Dandelion flowers, and which hazel. Additional ingredients include Blue sapphire powder, diamond powder and pearl powder known for their age defying and gentle exfoliation properties.


  • Application

    (Use daily.) Saturate a cotton ball or pad with makeup remover to soften and moisturize it prior to application. Wipe the dampened cotton ball over your face including the delicate eye area for a few seconds to loosen makeup. This make up remover is formulated especially for the delicate eye area. Follow with a Tresor Rare cleanser of choice

  • Use With

    Ultimate soothing toner : A gentle, hydrating and non-drying product designed to thoroughly and comfortably cleanse, soothe, tone and de-pollute your skin. 


    Ultimate Pearl Creamy Cleansing Milk : Rich, smooth, de-polluting cleansing milk which gently cleanses impurities and makeup. This mild, gentle skin loving formula comfortably and thoroughly cleanses, calms and tones giving the skin a soft and smooth feeling, enhancing a new healthy glow.


    Protecting and defending cream: A beautiful and remarkably soft skin cream that includes a unique combination of ingredients to assist in defending, protect, de-pollute and nourishing the skin. This decisive formula comfortably and thoroughly treats the skin, thus enhancing a luxuriously comfortable and supple feel.

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