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Opatra Capsulate

Opatra Capsulate

AED72,000.00 Regular Price
AED54,000.00Sale Price
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Enjoy the ultimate in luxurious relaxation with the Capsulate Chair that provides a restorative full body  massage at the comfort of your home.


The deluxe massage chair features 50 layers of pulsating-style airbags that push, knead, press and squeeze  just like human hands on the shoulders, back, waist, legs and feet.

Three rollers under the feet and wraparound airbags help ease pressure and tension. Graphene heat at the  back, waist and legs heats up fast to relax muscles.


A variety of massage programs can be controlled using a -10.1inch touch- screen or the quick control  buttons on the armrest.


A Zero Gravity setting provides a neutral position where the feet are slightly higher than the head to evenly  distribute body weight and reduce pressure on the spine and joints.

The multi-function massage chair also features built-in stereo speakers for surround sound from any  portable device connected by Bluetooth and has a USB port, as well as a wireless receptacle, for charging  devices.


The Capsulate chair can do an AI body scan to identify body size and provide  the best massage.


Bring modern luxury and healing to your home with this full-featured Capsulate Massage Chair from OPATRA.

  • Benefits:

    • 50 Layers of pulsating-style airbags located at the shoulders, back, waist, legs, and feet
    • Graphene ultrafast heat located at the back, waist, and legs heats up to 45° – 50° C
    • 3 Rollers at feet and wraparound airbags for reflex foot massage
    • Multiple choreographed massage settings to target sore areas
    • Versatile massage settings mimic human hands for kneading, knocking, squeezing, and shiatsu massage techniques
    • AI body scan can identify body size for best massage results
    • Upper and lower mechanism can sync for full body massage
    • Massage chair and footrest recline
    • Built-in surround sound stereo speakers can connect to devices with Bluetooth
    • USB port and wireless receptable for charging devices
    • 10.1” Touchscreen and quick control buttons on armrest can change chair settings
    • 5cm Wall clearance required for back of chair
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