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Opatra Dermieye Plus

Opatra Dermieye Plus

AED1,800.00 Regular Price
AED1,350.00Sale Price
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Summer Promo 25%

Dermieye Plus is a unique device designed to combat dark circles, reduce  puffiness and help fine line and wrinkle reduction around the eye area.


With the unique properties of OPATRA anti-ageing skincare, combined with  the latest trio of technologies including LED light therapy, vibration massage  and heat – which is known to help stimulate blood circulation in the eye area  and regenerate cell connection and improve the appearance of skin.


Featuring an innovative design, it combines emission of two light therapy  wavelengths;

Red light to help improve skin firmness around the eyes, while the warm  sonic vibrations relaxes and invigorates tired eyes.

Blue light helps to target acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.


To achieve the best results, Dermieye Plus should be used in conjunction with  OPATRA' s complete anti-ageing skincare range.

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